Monday, 21 October 2013

Part of my Citadel Legends series where I attempt to paint up all my limited edition, unreleased models or models that inspired me when I first started the hobby. Vorsha was a bit of a steal - she was a mis labelled eBay auction that I snapped up. 

I found this model really challenging to paint. The face is recessed, overshadowed by the 80's style hair do. The model is a nightmare to rank up because of the claok and the details are quite small and ill defined. I pushed the contrast of her features but I feel a warmer skin tone would have benefitted her more than my traditional method of painted Dark Elf skin. 

The cape offered a fantastic opportunity to practice my freehand skills. The image was taken from the old Dark Elf army book that I sketched on tracing paper. I then re-sketched it until I developed a 'muscle memory' for the shape. I plotted out the points on the cape with little dots and filled in the pattern. 

I will be running Vorsha with a unit of limited release executioners. Very excited to paint those up.




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