Sunday, 6 October 2013

Valodrius Heartsbane The Scourge of Eryllion. Noble of Naggaroth

Valodrius was one of the Witch King's elite generals, favoured with a fleet of destroyers and the Black Ark Devourer. The Scourge reaved the lands of Cathay, Ind and Bretonnia sending wealth and slaves in abundance back to his dark master. A stoic, if some what unimaginative soul, Valodrius enjoyed the patronage of the Witch King and was endowed with wealth, power, status and privilege.

The General's fortune turned upon seeing the Gorgon Queen, Locastia, ruling Matriarch of the Black House of Ch'Ihll. Desire turned to lust, lust to venomous obsession within Valodrious' breast as he sought the favour of Locastia. At the height of his madness he turned the Devourer mid battle to follow after Locastia's pleasure barge (she had grown weary of the naval display and decided to retire the field), leaving the rest of his destroyers to be caught and run down by the inferior fleet of Norsemen raiders. 

Valodrius was shorn of his military and societal standing, cast into the despairing wastes of Naggaroth. In Valodrius, Cynath found another broken thing to torment and abuse. Valodrius now acts as the Black Prince's personal bodyguard, in hopes that ensuring his protection will buy Valodrius a place within Locastia's entourage once again. 

He is armed with the blade Gallaust which was created from the bones of a single Asur royal family that spawned the weakling Scholar King Bel-Korhandis. He bears his personal heraldry of the Heastbane's - a bleeding, rent heart that sheds a single tear of blood. He also bears the insignia of the Black House and a stylized Gorgon banner. He rides to war at the head of the Gorgoneon - a vicious collection of dishonoured noble children from the houses of Naggarond's greatest houses. 


This is a personal piece for my Dark Elf army; The Black House of Naggarond. Valodrius acts as a unit champion for the Gorgoneon a band of vicious Cold One Knights. The model was created from the Cold one knight kit, a Dark Eldar Archon head with sculpted face and Gamezone's excellent Predator. 

The unit is huge and weighs a ton, but damn does it look majestic. 




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