Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Ancient Varris, Dreadnought of the Emrperor's Children Legion, Ninth Millenial 
[Pict-capture aboard  Battle Barge "Teleos", XXXIII "Monument" campaign]

Born on Terra, Captain of the Ninth Millenial Varris had been a consummate swordsmen and warrior in life. Leading from the front, Varris would throw himself and his men into the thickest of fighting, acting as the spear tip in any engagement. Varris met his end at the hands of a hulking Ork Xenos warrior and was interred into the newly forged Contemptor pattern Dreadnought armour before the Legion had been reunited with their Primarch. 

Due to data purges and corrupted historical text spools post Heresy it is unknown whether Varris survived the siege of Terra and the subsequent flight from Imperial retribution. If Varris still lives, surely this once resplendent defender of humanity would be unrecognisable to us today. 



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