Monday, 12 March 2012

The problem; how do I travel safety and comfortably with my collection of paints and equipment (putty, airbrush, brushes etc)? This has been a real problem for me as I am required to move around the country quite a bit for work. I needed a durable case with plenty of storage room. 

This thing comes with 22 separate storage compartments, each compartment has removable sides so you can make the size of each compartment the size you require. It is easy clean black cloth interior, ideal for makeup, hair accessories ect. 

This particular case comes with a removable strap which clips on the side of the case, a very useful feature for mobile makeup artists, beauticians and hair dressers. I've found that I can contain my entire collection of paints, putty and airbrush set (excluding compressor, but I have quite a large one) easily fits in here. The removable 'walls' allow for a degree of customisation to accommodate your own collection. 

I'm not sponsored by the people who make these cases, nor am I affiliated with them in any way, and I apologise if this article has read like a sales pitch. This is what I use and I really love it. It's solved my problem in an affordable and elegant fashion. 

Dimensions : Aprox - Length 34cm, Height 29cm, Width 24cm Weight : Aprox 2.8kg. Lightweight yet robust and secure. Removable strap can be adjusted to different lengths. 




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