Sunday, 26 August 2012

Cynath Ch'Ihll, the dread Lord of the House Medusae. This model is the 40K equivalent of my much be-loved and Long standing Druchii general Cynath Ch'Ihll, the Black Prince of Naggarond. 

The Raging Heroes Asharah was an absolute blast to paint and I knew I had to model my Archaon on her. Although I refer to my Archaon as male I'd like to think that picking one gender would be far to mundane. He's a bit of both; like the Solarian in Asimov's foundation series. 



  1. Hola
    Una buena figura,me gustan los colores que le as dado,lo unico que que me parece mas flojo son las calaberas de la base,muy todas del mismo tono ¿? pero eso es para gustos claro
    un saludo

  2. Cheers J.D. I don't speak Spanish unfortunately, but I run your text through google translate and it spat this out;

    A good figure, I like the colors as you die, the only thing that I think is looser calaberas base, so all the same color?? but that is for clear tastes
    a greeting"

    The base was an experiment of mine using weathering powders. I'm having a difficult time mastering them. I think i'm a bit heavy handed with them. I need to apply the same principles of miniature painting to weathering powders; lots of thin layers instead of one big thick one.