Saturday, 2 February 2013

Do you know those miniatures you just can't stop painting? Throgg is an amazing miniature to paint, I just got lost in it and after waking from my painting trance I had this. 

Looking at the picture I can see bits and pieces I need to clean up. The skin tones are a little flat and I can work on the cape a little more. I'm still unsure whether yo give the model an ink wash to sharpen up a few of the details or leave it as is. 

A question for everyone; I intend to have some UHU stringy drool on Throgg's many mouths - but what colour should it be? I'm leaning toward a nice vibrant toxic green, but blood may be more frightening. Any input here would be invaluable. 




  1. I'd say only a little colour into the drool, otherwise leave it clear, subtlety can make a good mini great. Just my 2c

  2. I agree with Rusty man, clear drool will make it look more 'real', perhaps blood flecked would be good. As far as using washes literally just use them to darken the shadows. That'll make the details pop whilst maintaining the great effect you get from using an airbrush on this type of model. So far mate, I think he looks wicked. Great colour balance, nice clean detailing. Once you add those last few subtle details to bring out the depth of the skin one you'll have a stellar looking Troll King!


  3. I purchased this model from LilLegend Studio on Ebay and I can't speak highly enough of the work. The model is absolutely fantastic in person. The pictures just don't do it justice.

    I have a fully studio commissioned army (from another studio) and this model makes the rest of it look modest.