Sunday, 5 May 2013

A murder of crows...a parliament of rooks...a BLAZE of Phoenixes!

I decided early on that I wanted to look as if the Flamespyre Phoenix was alive with fire so I pushed the contrast, highlighting from pure white to black. The Frostheart by contrast has a slightly more subtle shading and highlight befitting it's old age and maturity. It lacks the bluster and immediacy of the the Flamespyre, but has an elegance that escapes its younger twin. 

The two were quite a challenge to paint as they required a colour balance that were on opposite ends of the spectrum - one is all about combining cool colours, the other hot. They sit really well together and would look spectacular on the battlefield. 

For the bases I used bits of dried bark, oregano and basil to create a very natural effect. The sombre realistic tones of the base contrast with the high fantasy of the Phoenixes and also hint at the decline of the elves themselves as a force within the world.

Here are my painted Phoenixes for sale via eBay:


The riders are detachable so you can use these unmounted as well as carrying lords into war.

Tomorrow I'll showcase the Everqueen.



  1. Did you magnetize them? And if you did, how did you magnetize them?

  2. Amazing work, super looking models
    Any tutorials going?!