Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I like to put a quote alongside these miniatures. It helps give a sense of the character to those unfamiliar with them, but it seems Bane isn't much of a talker. 

"You know nothing of strength."

"I am the darkness"

"They're natural supplements..."

A challenging model to paint. It kept tipping over too, it's very top heavy an those cables crumble in a weak breeze. However the sheer bad-assery of the sculpt compensates for the shortcomings. 

As an aside, lifting this model during play will give you muscles as big as Bane. It's solid metal! Try not to drop it on your foot. 



  1. That's really good work, I particularly like the skintones and the urban basing. :)

  2. Just picked this up for a present for my brother. I've painted many miniatures in the past and this one is difficult due to how top heavy he is, like you mentioned. And you're very right on the cables. How did you go about making that base? Very nicely done.