Friday, 17 January 2014

Bloodwrack Medusa - The Siren of Pavona

 Margesse, a minor settlement North of Pavona was sacked by the Druchii Brigands of Despair, who themselves were put to the sword by the traveling army of Robuto Del Mare. The former settlement has not been re founded, plagued as they are with a brood of creatures unleashed by the corsair band. Most prominent amongst these horrors is the Bloodwrack Medusa - Siren. The creatures is thought to reside in the caverns of Brest, luring the unwary to death with a beautiful song of old Nagarythe. 


A commission piece for a client who wished to have the bloodwrack medusa painted with a sea base and in sea tones. The rock of the base was created with slate pieces and the waves were created with polyfilla. 



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