Friday, 10 July 2015

Collecting a Heresy Blood Angel force proves a problem as the imagery we know of this Legion is deeply entrenched in the 41st millennium. Death Company, Sanguinary priests, Chaplains, Black and red Saltires - all hallmarks of post Heresy Blood Angels. We know very little on how the Legion was organised, how it deployed, fought or looked during the Great Crusade. ‘Fear to Tread’ offers few details to chapter disposition and legions markings. Do assault marines wear yellow helmets, or is that a condition of the reforms instituted by the index Astartes? Beyond Sanguinary Guard what formations existed in the Legion? What role did Sanguinary priests (were they called this) play in the Legion?  

You can either see this as a problem - that the legion of your choice is unsupported and that any collection you build now will have to be rebuilt once they do get done - or you can see it as an opportunity. Crisiunity!

With the decision made to go with the Blood Angels it was time to look around for source material. Visions of Heresy is a fantastic resource for Pre-Heresy and Heresy era armies. Images of Blood Angels are rather sparse. The 2nd edition Angels of Death Codex is a constant source of inspiration as well as the gold mine that is the 2nd edition source book. Aaron Dembski Bowden has built a career from this thing and god bless him for doing so. Ah memories. 

This blog post is to outline all the interesting images and visual images I’ve found to inspire the look of the force. 

As a forerunner to the collection i’ve knocked together a couple of tester mini’s. I’m trying to hit the mark between Angels and Monsters - playing with angelic iconography and the savagery of the siege of terra. 



  1. I love it! Really keen to see where you take this!

  2. Watching very closely :)