Tuesday, 17 May 2011

How long does it take to change this:

Into this?

All this week I will be re-modeling my Black Templar Army into a Deathwing Force, then paint all the Terminators on the weekend.


This is what the army currently looks like:

This should resemble something like an army by Friday, and by the end of the weekend a battle hardened Deathwing force. 

Unlike my other projects, speed is key here. I have set myself a schedule of a week to get everything prepared (well, the terminators at any rate - i'm not optimistic about having my landraider stripped and prepared by the weekend). I'm only converting a few characters, leaving Belial to create at my leisure, and painting whatever I have prepared over the weekend.


Here is what the army looks like today:

I've still yet to name the squads or the sergeants. What kind of names do Deathing members have? Also, what other books, or reference would you recommend I read? So far, all I know about Deathwing is that they paint their armour white to symbolise the passing from one world to the next (becoming ghosts), and that they are named Deathwing because one unit saved a recruiting world from Genestealers. Why do they have a broken blade as their symbol? 

Day 3

Time is getting away from me very quickly now. I have started to put the squads together and sort out what weapons go where. Making a decent Deathwing list is a real art. Despite having limited choices, there are a plethora of combinations to be considered.

I've mainly been concentrating on the bases. Because the old terminators were designed for a single 25mm (I think that is correct?) base, they don't dominate the larger bases like the newer plastic ones do. I can use this to my advantage by putting a lot of Blanche-esque craziness on the bases, and building a sense of place. Dark Angels enjoy a rich heritage of fantastic artwork, something which I intend to exploit through the Sergeants.

Think, walking psychopathic Cathedrals; thats the direction i'm heading in.

Day 4

I had the day off today, so in between my commission work I'm putting in a double shift.

I've built up the bases, added all the cool fallen masonry and started the green stuff work.

The bits I ordered on the weekend still have not arrived and i'm getting a little skittish as to whether they will arrive by the weekend. I'm waiting for the main colour that I will use on the army and an assault cannon. Worry, worry, worry.

After a little rummaging, I found that I have just enough parts to make a dreadnought. Viva La Bits box.



DAY 4 (continued...)

Wow, what a long day. The Deathwing are nearly complete. The odd bit of Green stuff here, a smattering of glue here and they should be ready by Saturday for priming.

Here are the last blurry photo's you'll see of the un-primed army, that only look slightly different from the ones posted above. I will take some cleaner photo's tomorrow (yay more bare metal, bet you can't wait for that), then start my painting marathon Saturday morning. If you like the look of any of these models and you would like to see close up's now is the time to ask.

Day 5 tomorrow...



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