Friday, 13 May 2011

Varakaai won Rumour and Thief by murdering the Twin Headed Harlequin's Avant and Demi. 

The Incubi shrine of the Ghoul-kin Murder was believed destroyed in the massacre of Shaadoom. It has become common practice for Incubi Shrines associated with the Kabal of the Poisoned tongue to hunt surviving members of the Ghoul-kin as a rite of passage to enter a real space raid.

These pic archives indicate that a few survivors remain, under the new Shrine name of Wraiths-Mor: a name that is both a disgrace, and a curse. They are a scattered tribe, united by the terrible pact they made during the last days of the sundering of Shadoom. For the Incubi of the Wraiths-Mor are dead, animated by the hellish alchemy of the Haemonculi Maristille Gene-Weaver. In death, they continue a war long lost against the Shrines that caused their genocide. 

The Wraiths-Mor can be identified by their prevalence; or rather Maristille's taste, for flayed skin tabards and fetishes. The Gene-Weaver's sense of humour can be seen here on this Incubi's tabard incorporating a still living human being

These Incubi came into being after reading through Rabid Bunny's excellent dark eldar blog; Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue. I love the current incubi kit, but eventually they all start to look alike when they appear on so many Dark Eldar Blogs. I wanted something distinctive and personal. I want these to be instantly recognizable as the incubi from the Wraiths-Mor Shrine and put a little of my personality into them. 

The klavies are made with putty, plastic card and I have used a metal one on the last model. 

Now, how to paint them? 



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