Wednesday, 15 June 2011

If you're interested in miniature photography, then undoubtably you would have come across the term 'light box'. A light box diffuses an external light source to make colours appear more like they do in real life in photographs. They are quite inexpensive to find online, but you can make your own quite cheaply. However, for the true lazy ass, there is an alternative.

Get yourself to your local Wilkinsons and buy a small bin with a semi transparent frosted finish (I bought mine for 60p). Next, saw a rectangle from the bin and place a sheet of paper within it as backing (see below). And that's it! Ideally, you will want to have three light sources shining on your model (I only had two) and light the model through the frosted exterior; don't shine the light directly onto the model. 

By simply cropping and enchanting this photo, you have the perfect photography set up to snap your own models. All for under a pound (if you don't include the price of the camera, lights, bulbs and model that is)!



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