Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Third unit in under a week; I haven't painted this quickly since I was in school. I have a 5 dark reapers, a farseer, 4 warlocks and the Phoenix lords to tackle by Sunday. I don't think I'll manage to paint the Lords in time. They are great sculpts and deserve time to be enjoyed while painting. But I feel pretty confident about completing the rest.

I really hated painting these warp spiders. There are so many tiny rubies, weird tassels to cover up the join between the eldar and the gun, and the gun itself is incredibly unwieldily. I added decals from the falcon kit to their backs and added a little free hand to break up the large flat surface. 

Did Jes Godwin sculpt these? They weren't pleasurable to paint like the other models in the Eldar range and i'm struggling to reconcile the same man who created the awesome Dark Eldar range created these. It didn't help that my friend gleefully texted me this morning: "So I'll have to pay you a lot more to do 21 more of them?"


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