Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I painted for a friend who won this limited edition emperor's champion in an eBay auction. I wanted to try my hand at zenithal highlighting for the white armour as well as a little transition highlighting for the sword. In order to break up the large flat areas of the model I added chipping to the armour and a freehand design to the cloak. I also broke up the black and white contrast by making the tabard two tone (black and purple so as not to distract the eye) and added some more freehand to pattern the underside of the tabard. 

This model was an unusual one to paint. The main focus of the sculpt is the whopping great sword he is wielding and I felt that I had to employ a few tricks to draw the attention to the face and main body of the miniature. I hope that the inverted colour scheme will set this model apart in my friends Black templar army. 



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