Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Child of the Wastes

As is the custom with Autarii tribes, on the first night of he Child's  life she was left to survive the cold of Naggaroth's  desolate wastes, North of the Towers. Her birth had taken the life of her mother, and the Child was weak and small. However she did not perish that night, but from then on, the tribes people saw that she could no longer cast a shadow.  The Child was cast out, left for dead a second time.

It s said that her cloak was a daemons gift, in payment for sparing her life on thy first night. By learning the art of shadow she may hide herself from the horrors of the North. With this gift, she is able to pass by norse men's camps and take food, or evade the ebbing tide of Beastman migration. Many have called her spirit, a fell banshee come to take the souls of men to the outer dark.

The cloak she possesses sifts in and out of reality, twisting in the unseen etheric winds that buffet a mans destiny this way or that. If you stare for long enough into the shadows, you may see constellations spinning in wild, furious riot.  You may dream of the dead, or see nightmares stare back at you in silent vigil.

The child is often accompanied by a familiar normally taking the shape of a flock of crows, or a cat. These tricks of the light are but flourishes of her art; like shadows bent into animals with the hand, cast against a cave wall. The creatures eyes are coal black and are adorned with gaudy jewelry that the Child has found in her travels. Trusted company is rare amongst Druchii society, especially North of the towers, and these familiars have offered light diversion for the Child lost in a land of walking nightmares. 

The Child hid for the Ch'Ihll host, as she has done with other warring factions she had encountered. Were Cynath not intoxicated by his mask's talents she would have gone by unnoticed. Catching her by the heel and throwing her into a mirthril shackle, the Bastard prince found a more reliable, if not more co-operative sorceress for his band. Ordering Varakaai and his executioners to kill the witches from the Watch Tower he had stolen to navigate the wastes, Cynath took the Child and bound her to his House's Sigil - an ensorcelled ring only the nobility of Ch'Ihll may wear.

The Child now acts as the Black Prince's compass in a shifting land of dreams and madness. Cynath has found that the dreams of the Dead God of his mask to be more potent around the Child and has taken her as a consort to heighten his delirious visions. 


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