Sunday, 31 March 2013

Amended_Notes: Altered battlesuit design designated 'Acuity'. Enlarged fuel capacity allows for greater field operation time. Acuity is primarily used as a scouting vehicle commonly deployed with automated intelligences. [see: Tau_Drone///file:Ordos_Xenos_Tau_Tech///] 

Further_Notation: Due to the inclement weather of Traus 77.14, fire warriors have been issued with Hostile Environs Capes. Made of unknown fibres, this cape is a dense, heavy and hardwearing cloth that is completely waterproof. The cape can be wrapped around the warrior completely, only leaving the head and shoulder guard exposed, and is quite warm, ideal for the harsh winters on Traus (Personal_Note:Curse this cloak, may all Xenos freeze to death and save us the munitions). Closer examination of the cape, reveals that when stationary, it will discolor, mimicking the local environment. If let alone for 30.02 minutes, the cloak becomes indistinguishable from it's locale.

This curiosity may explain why the Tau are so efficient at holding 
++CLASSIFIED++ and rolling advancements. 

Why then leave the head and shoulder exposed?

AMMENDED_NOTES:The Traus 77.14 conflict, as I understand it, has had little military imperial involvement. Traus is a despicably cold planet with little value beyond the meagre mineral wealth rogue trader's can mine from it(PLANETARY_TITHE///TERTIARY.///?///-SEE_HTuPPx). It came as a great surprise then, that a Tau War fleet was discovered in system. What little pict evidence we have, came as courtesy of mining servitors, or servo skulls abandoned by the populace. 

AMMENDED_NOTES: This mystery is further complicated by the fact that we have been unable to identify who the tau are engaged with. It would be bizarre to think this to be an elaborate training exercise (see battle damage of scouting forces. Strong indication of live fire and heavy conflict). Such reasons do not matter. An imperial world has been attacked, and a response is called for. My master tells me that the Knights Solar, an order of the most Holy Adeptus Astrates, have accepted a petition to exterminate Xeno forces on Traus. My only hope is that there will be a (live) specimen left to study once the Astrates have routed the foe.


This is my Tau Disaster Relief Force. These guys are sent in to scout dangerous area's and rescue high priority targets. They're all about low pay, high action and bucket loads of firepower. 

This seemed like an auspicious time to show them off with the new Tau just around the corner. Hope you enjoy! 

As seen on White Dwarf Daily


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  1. These are some of the best Tau I have seen in a very long time. Absolutely love them. Keep up the amazing work!