Saturday, 6 April 2013

Quick WIP shots of the infamous Commander Farsight and the new riptide suit. Below you'll find a review of the new Farsight kit.

Farsight unboxing. 

So far I feel that I have been very fortunate with my fine-cast buys so far and it was with some hope I bought this one. Finecast seems to handle larger kits quite well, so lets have a look at this.

First thing I noticed was that the cast seemed slightly out of kilter. The abdomen especially had quite a deep groove on the connecting seem.  While not severe enough to ask for a refund, it is nonetheless an annoyance and dramatically increases clean up time.

I also found the details were a little fuzzy. The lines of the armour were not cleanly moulded and I found that I had to file most the edges to give a crisper finish.

Once assembled the miniature is striking and dynamic. Farsight is an excellent focal point for a force, if you are willing to put in the work.



  1. Looks like there's not many bubbles? Good cast?

  2. The tau might actually be the best for finecast with their large smooth surfaces. Any bubbles will be easy to fix. It's the highly detailed stuff where it falls flat (or maybe they are finally hitting their stride with finecast o_0
    BTW - you didn't waste any time getting to this did you?! Nice work so far.

  3. Love your Tau models!!!
    Any chance of a minitutorial or colours used in Riptide?