Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lord Comander Balthazar of Strikeforce Animus, hereafter known as 'The Faithless"

At the heart of our Chapter lies the riddle. We are beings not made to contemplate the paradox, it is enough that we know it, and carry it out among the stars. As long as a single Dark Angel remains in the universe, the Truth will be known, protected by the riddle. 

Our story is not one of retribution, but of mercy. Think on it. Imagine, the Lord of our Legion, The Lion El'Johnson standing in the ashes of his home; In his hand, retribution - a blade suspended above the head of his brother, ready to strike. Aching to strike... but he stayed his hand. In the End he erred and the snake lived. 

Why? What does this story tell us of ourselves? What may we take from it into the future? How do those last actions of our Pregenitor echo through time and play out in our actions today? 

Consider this young master, for it is an aspect of the riddle you must answer, and in so doing, know yourself and our Chapter the better. 

- Conversations with Lord Commander Gabriel, Grand master of the Deathwing

Part of a much larger commission. Everyday this week we'll be taking a look at the Dark Angel Chapter, exploring the quirks and hideous secrets kept from the larger imperium!


  1. You need to sort your photos out as I don't know what I'm supposed to be looking at. Your photos look like you are hiding the painting by darkening out everything with the black background and confusing it with writing. Which I think to many people do these days either as fashion or cant paint. Basically I cant tell if you paint good or not. Just a tip!!

  2. Cheers for the criticism. The low light is to emphasize the source light.

    Boy are you going to hate this Dark Angel commission!

  3. On the contrary, I feel the low-light suits the Dark Angel aesthetic going on...not everyone is a fan of the whole squeaky clean NMM wet-blending gig; these photos are reminiscent of the gothic black-and-white artwork in the 4th ed DA codex that got me into 40K in the first place, so I'm definitely for this style.
    I do think, however, that there is some sage advice in Ksenia's comment - it would certainly be possible to increase the lighting a tad without compromising the emphasis on source lighting technique, or the shadowy-secret aesthetic.

    Please don't skimp on the fluff and writing though - in my opinion, fluff, writing and greater themes revolving around the miniature help it transcend the world of toy-painting to at -least- straddle the threshold between plastic soldiers and art.