Friday, 12 September 2014

With the re-release of Space Hulk I'm offering a special pre-release deal of 15% off all commission painting orders Space Hulk 2009/ 2014 re-release. Get 15% off your Space Hulk Commission with Lil'Legend Studio. For one week only. Promotion runs from the 12th to the 21st of September 2014

This does not include the price of the set nor does it include postage and packaging back to you. This does include painting, basic assembly and varnish (gloss for protection and matt to dull down the shine).

I have extremely limited places for orders to be fulfilled by Christmas - but I can take multiple orders for those who are willing to herald the new year with the desperate struggle of man vs alien.

If you would like your set painted by me shoot me an e-mail to to book your place.

Terms and conditions.

1) 50% of commission fee to be paid to before any bookings are taken. This deposit is non-refundable.
2) I am unable to purchase any more Space Hulk sets due to the three boxed order maximum imposed by Games Workshop.

3) An update of the work shall be supplied to the client upon request throughout the length of the project. The client is free to contact Lil'Legend Studio at any time to discuss the project.
4) Lil'Legend Studio takes responsibility for all models in its care and will replace any models or work damaged during this time, Lil'legemd studio cannot accept any liability for damage during shipping.
5) It is the responsibility of the client to cover any fees associated to the commission and shipping costs unless otherwise agreed.



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