Monday, 30 September 2013

7th Company Squads Praxis and Vaalen 'Executioners of Praal'
Pict Capture Istvaan V 

The Executioners of Praal are so named after an ancient Nostroman Legend where the supernatural firgure of Praal steals the children of the poor and feeds them at banquets for the rich. Although the meaning of the fairy tale eludes current scholars, deprived as we are of the context in which the story was told, it nonetheless serves as a reminder of the unsavoury conditions that the people Nostromo cultivated. 

These pict captures are time logged at the end of the Istvaan Masacare, squads Praxis and Vaalen acting to mop up any lingering resistance and execute any survivors. The Night Lords were never noted for their discipline of dress, displaying a varied array of styles and personal iconography. 

Throughout the warriors we see instances taking memento's from the dead. It bears noting here that such practices were long established even before the Legion's betrayal and show no special reverence for those the Night Lords once called brother. 

The Heraldic skull design is of unknown significance. Possibly cult markings or more likely gang affiliation. 


These miniatures were painted as part of a larger Night Lord's force. With the release of Massacre I hope to be painting Night Lord's for many years to come. 

The blue was created by blending Regal Blue into black. The lightning bolt motif and skull pattern helm's were painted very carefully with a stub nose brush allowing greater control of the final result. I used VMC's brass for the shoulder pads, alternating between painting a single, both or neither pauldrons to help break up the unit. 



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  1. Lovely painting mate, but please fix those transfers. Some of them are sticking up off the surface of the shoulder pad (first individual pic), and the decal film is clearly visible, its detracting from what is otherwise a stellar paint job.