Wednesday, 4 September 2013

"For the warrior, the only crime is cowardice."
— Attributed to Primarch Horus Lupercal

"The Warmaster's Own" Justaerin Terminators, first company, Sons of Horus
[Pict-capture Istvaan V Massacare]

The unbroken point of the spear, the Justaerin were the vaunted first of Horus' Legion. The Warmaster's Own has the honour of accompanying the higher echelons of the Legionary command staff to battle, gaining their name by the amount of teleport assaults performed alongside Horus. 

The squad displays a wide array of weaponry preferring tactical flexibility to battle field specialization. Equally adept at engaging mass infantry to dense armoured formations, The Warmaster's Own have reeved a bloody path through the Great Crusade and have taken their dark legacy into the Heresy with gusto. 

Three members of the The Warmaster's Own survived Terra and formed the core bodyguard of Abaddon post heresy. Known for their loyalty, the remaining members would be deceived by more ambitious Traitor Legionaries and put to the Sword M.33.



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