Sunday, 8 September 2013

It started life as this:

Hi -lo ladies and gentleman! Here are a few snaps of the newly released Space Marines. 

The Sternguard started life as Salamanders, but when it came to blackening the shoulder guards and back pack I felt the models would loose a lot of lovely contrast I built up through the armour highlights. I hope that they will get some sort of acceptance. The green was created by blending a warm red brown into a mid tone base of Reaper's clear green. This was then highlighted with yellow. Sharper highlights were put on the edges of the armour with VMC's dirty white. 

For the Ravenguard I wanted to paint the black armour that was a little more interesting than edge highlighting it all grey. I used blue and purple in the highlighting process to reference the sheen Raven wings have. With Ravenguard now being a supreme assault force I imagine Vanguard veterans will be hitting the tabletop with more frequency. I set the squad up to deal with big things or clear out infantry. In my mind they're a great utility tool that can strike where you need them most. 

The Centurions were lots of fun to paint. With large expansive surfaces they would reward detailed freehand work. I have left them blank for the winner of the auction to decide which chapter to which they belong (as long as they are green).

Speak of which, links to the auctions!

Enjoy and be lucky!



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  1. i play salamanders and i've been looking for ideas on how to convert or paint my centurions. it looks like airbrush and standard color scheme are the way to go! thanks for the post!