Thursday, 5 September 2013

Khorval was was a pre imminent Magister in the Jade Serpent Cabal. Wealthy, affluent and powerful, Khorval's life unravelled with the Witch King's decree outlawing all male magic users. Fleeing for his life through the streets of Naggarond, Khorval found refuge in the Black House. Lokastias, Matriarch of Ch'Ihll had much use for her former rival's arcane knowldge and library, accepting him as a member of her house hold. 

Khorval now eeks out an existence managing the Ch'Ihll estate, forbidden to use his talents on pain of death. He dares not even leave the Black Shard - House Hold of the Ch'Ihll's for fear of assassination. 


With the impending Druchii release I thought I'd go and visit a classic from Games Workshop's range. I wanted to re-create the classic paint job with a turqoise spot colour. This miniature has oodles of character and is a worthy inclusion to the Black House. 




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