Monday, 16 September 2013

A devilishly good miniature, a real sleeping hit. I'm surprised that the Forgeworld gang do not have a painted example on their website.

I decided to paint the Dreadmaw in muted tones blending the green from an earthy red in the shadow to a sickly yellow for the highlight. I painted the mouth blood red adding gloss varnish and clear drool to add another texture to the piece as well as adding a contrasting focal point for the miniature. The eyes were a happy accident. After varnishing the piece I loved how the unpainted black eyes looked so alien. I highlighted the black with turquoise and white to add a little depth to black eyes.

I love the concept of the miniature. It has a implicit storyline and has a wonderful dynamism. I hope to get the chance to paint more of Forgeworld's fantasy range on the back of this very, very impressive model.


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