Monday, 24 September 2012

The Venerable Hellbrute from the new Dark Vengeance set. This model is a painters dream. There are nice strong angles of segmented armour that contrast well with the more organic elements of the muscle structure. I resolved to paint this in the colours of the Word Bearers, so it was to my utter surprise when the model directed me to paint it otherwise. Some models just naturally align themselves to a paint scheme and this demanded to be amongst Abbaddon's damned legion. 

I wanted the black armour to have some visual interest, so I highlighted it with Games Workshop's new colour; Incubi Darkness and shaded it with VMC Hull red. I used Incubi Darkness mixed with a little purple for the skin, highlighted with an increasing amount of Reaper Master Series Fair Skin. The entire model was then varnished and given an oil wash. 

I have three of these bad boys, and I'd like to think i'd have the will power to paint them in three different colour schemes. But this model has a will all of it's own that isn't easy to overcome!



  1. Very Very Nice. Much more attractive scheme than what i've seen so far on Da Brute.

  2. Heh, I would of never thought of using Incubi Darkness to highlight black.

    Clever stuff and of course a gorgeous Helbrute model! :)