Wednesday, 19 September 2012

This is a commission piece for a client who disliked the original gold armoured Helbrecht painted by the Eavy Metal Studio. The client also requested that I leave the back pack off and not paint it. 

I'm working with the idea of contrast throughout a miniature, I wanted to put a little of what I have learnt into play with this piece. I therefore decided to paint the black with warm tones, highlighting it with reaper master series (RMS) aged bone (quickly becoming a firm favourite of mine), GW's bleached bone and VMC Ivory for the final highlight. The cloak I painted with RMS aged bone, but shaded the recesses with VMC air dark blue grey and black - cool colours to contrast with the warm armour. Although the majority of the model is swathed in Helbrecht's cloak, the warmness of the armour brings it to the fore in the viewer's attention, whereas the coolness of the cloak makes it recessive. 

I used weathering powders to add a further level of detail. I think i've finally cracked how to use weathering powders properly; the trick, as with painting in acrylics, is thin, multiple layers to build effect. 




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