Saturday, 29 September 2012

To celebrate the release of Angron and the new Horus Heresy book from Forgeworld I thought it an auspicious time showcase my take on the Ninth legion's primarch, Sangunius. 

The model started as a commission and ended as an obsession. Working closely with the client, we worked up a fairly coherent image of the angel and decided that I should sculpt the majority of it from scratch. I wanted to convey the aloof nature of Sanguinius, the beauty of the. Wong and he sheer presence of the character. His outward stretched hand is a nod to the cistine chapel depiction of god bestowing life on Adam. I wanted a visual cue of the divine meeting mortality and thought this would be an interesting reference. 

The scheme was inspired by the work of John Blanche and the many fine artists working for games workshop, as well as amateur illustrators who love the subject just as much as I. 

With the absolutely beautiful job simon Egan has done on Angron, I cannot wait to see forgeworld's depiction of Sanguinius, and the entire Pantheon. 


  1. a thing of divine proportions and angelic beauty...

  2. This is great... except the Blood Angels are the 9th Legion.