Tuesday, 1 April 2014

"...And so I will deal with all tyrants and deceivers."

Epic is a word that fits this model.

From a single sentence in the background history, the Heresy grew. Over 25 years ago Horus would make a single appearance as a Heretic, which echoed to this day spawning a multi-million selling series of books. The character is integral to the 40K universe and needed a suitably impressive model. 

This model has an epic pose, arms sweeping over the conquered, or alternatively pointing toward the void that will be dominated by the Imperium of man. There are wonderful details that echo the character's past allegiances. 

It's easy (well, easier) to paint these model as the sculpt is so superb. The emotion is already there, the movement and the character is developed. All the artist has to do is stay faithful to sculpt and you cannot go wrong. Horus was incredibly pleasurable to paint as I started re-living parts of the 40K history. I remembered the first time I learned of the Heresy and the long shadow this Primarch cast over the universe. Very few models have such an evocative history.

As for the painting - I started by layering the armour adding white until I was spraying pure white. I then washed the armour with turquoise and re-applied the highlights with a paint brush. I chose to paint this model with a purple cloak to echo his status as the would - be emperor of Mankind. In the roman empire only the Emperor could wear a purple robe so having Horus wear purple places himself as a master, not a servant. 

The marble base was created layering oil paints that were dried and then spread out with turpentine. 



  1. Wow, amazing work and thank you for explaining the cloak color (I guessed correctly) and how you painted his armor and the marble.

  2. That is stunning and I may steal that marble technique for a vignette I am working on inspired by Helion Rain! Top marks - one of the best renditions of Horus I have seen in years :)