Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A unit of renegade Chaos Marine fighting for fortune in the midst of the Eye of Terror!

Once upon a time I had a Black Legion Chaos marine army that I gamed with quite frequently. They were a collection of 2nd edition plastic miniatures and terminators on the smaller bases led by the pre eminent miniature that was Abaddon the Despoiler. I tried adding to this army when new Chaos releases came out but they didn't sit right against my older collection. I had moved onto a different place in my life and the army came to be a milestone for me. It had fought through Abaddon's great Crusade and would now reside on the display cabinet for all eternity, gods of their own kingdom. 

But I couldn't resist playing with the new Chaos possessed kit. The details reminded me of the older Space Crusade models and I wanted to create marines that were equally as strange. So these W.I.P's are a mixture of vagabonds, traitors, liars and warped souls. I have a sizable collection of dark Vengeance Chaos Marines still on srpue tucked away in one of my many boxes. Perhaps the Black Legion will get a second birth as something far stranger than before? 




  1. That's pretty cool conversions. Can't wait to see these painted up.

  2. Heya, I can't help but notice the books that some of the marines are carrying. Where are those parts from??