Friday, 9 May 2014

This was a commission piece to represent the same character in a suit of terminator armour. The head was chosen as it resembled the facial features of the client who commissioned him. Yes, you really do take charge of a battle here! 

I wanted to emphasize the brutal nature of this Praetor. I'm drawn to dark characters and I find it more rewarding to explore the dysfunctional aspects. Psychologically, it cannot be easy to systematically wipe all life that is not human from the face of the galaxy. I guess the Space Wolves mask their savagery with hyperbolic sagas and verbose Nordic heroism. By under-lighting this praetors face with red I wanted to align him with the image of Horus. Although this character did not fall to Chaos I wanted to introduce the idea that the Adeptus Astrates as a while are an unsavoury organistion. 

This character bears the head of an Ancient Fenrisian Wyrm that the Praetor had slain with his tribe when he was still a human. The creature was so big that it's skull can only be mounted onto his terminator plate. His Power Armour plate bears the smaller skull of an Araxian Devil that was purged during the IIXX expeditionary fleet purging. 

The Space Wolf Grey was given a little life by adding a very small quantity of turquoise into the base and adding brown into the shadows. It's very subtle but gives that little touch of interest needed for such a boring colour. 




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