Sunday, 4 May 2014

What an utterly gorgeous kit. I knew from the outset I wanted more of a classic paint job - earthy oranges, greens and browns. The wood effect was created using a base of a red brown highlighted with pure white, then washed with orange. In the very highest parts I have added texture to the wood to resemble bark. The ghostly blue was a nice contrast to the warmer tones of the orange, red and brown. 

From very early on I knew that I wanted the Treeman to be a part of the base. I used Army Painter basing kits to add foliage and flowers sprouting from parts of his body. 

I decided to give the option of changing between Durthu and a Treeman ancient for versatility. The Treeman Ancient's pose is very dynamic and I feel it suits the warlike nature of Durthu. 




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