Sunday, 6 September 2015

Paints used: Vallejo, Reaper Master Series, Games Workshop Washes, Com Art Medea Airbrush Airbrush: Iwata Hi-Line HP-CH Airbrush Paint Brushes: Rosemary & Co. Raphael 8040, Broken Toad Brushes, Windsor and Newton Series 7

All the talking is done. All the prep...prepared. Now comes the hard slog of getting those infantry painted. My plan of attack is to paint in bulk while my enthusiasm for the project is still a raging wild fire. This will help me practice my technique, colour blends and spot highlights that can be used with greater clarity on rare units. I won't be adding any legion decals to the shoulder pads yet as I want to wait and see what Forge World produce. I'm slowly completing a model at a time and I have a Land raider and 10 terminators airbrushed. The above models are completed examples.

The Sgt. was an experiment in how to create power fields that surround power weapons. I wanted a crackling, ripping energy effect like the lightning in a tesla ball.

Instead of painting the bases with the models I've also done them en masse. Ford would be proud.


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  1. I really like them, they have a nice angelic feel to them. Also your red is superb!